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With advanced technology and neuroscience research, we have evidence of meditation’s impact on various areas of the brain, verifying that meditation creates greater calm, preserves grey matter as we age, and enhances neural-functioning, life satisfaction, and longevity.

We are proud to integrate this into our 6 key programs: Corporate Wellness Program,  Manage Stress & Challenges and Michele’s Anti-Aging Secrets.



FREE LIVE Global 11-Minute Meditation

Want simple tools that will help you manifest more of what you yearn for? Science has proven that with daily practice, you can change ANYTHING.

Each week, I will guide you through a different meditation, helping you make those changes.

Come and enjoy, every Wednesday! 


Perfect for busy executives, and overworked moms and dads. Quick and easy release to do at your computer, prep for a meeting, or before a holiday gathering.

Your video (plus workbook) will arrive in minutes. Please check your email. Your information will NEVER be sold or shared with anyone. I respect your privacy.

Corporate Wellness

Manage stress and challenges. Both individual and Business Programs are available.

About Our Program

Michele’s Anti-Aging Secrets

Love the age you are whether rounding 30, pushing 50 or about to hit 75. Be the one to break through the myths about aging.

About Our Program

Manage Stress & Challenge

American Medical Association (AMA) estimates that anywhere from 70-90% of disease is caused in  some part by stress.  That’s a big number and we’ll help you lower it.

About Our Program