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10 Ways to Stop a Cold

I often hear people discussing the cold weather, particularly as it relates to catching a cold.  Some say it’s the cold weather that gets us sick.  Others say it’s the change from hot to cold weather that gets us sick.

Well, I’m here to set the record straight.  It’s neither.  Here’s the real truth and what Cold Remediesyou need to know to stop a cold.

Truth: Cold viruses travel from your hands to your nose or eyes and then to the nasopharynx- where the nose meets the mouth at the back of the throat.

Truth: Cold viruses can survive on people’s hands for several hours and they can survive on nonporous surfaces such as doorknobs, countertops, and coffee cups up to three hours.

So here are 10 Tips (that really work) to stop a cold.

Tip #1: Avoid touching your face, especially your eyes and nose.  Though there are hundreds of viruses that cause the common cold, most are rhinoviruses which need to get into the mucous membranes lining the nose or into eye tear ducts to cause infection.

Tip #2: Wash your hands, especially after shaking hands, opening a door, turning a faucet knob, pushing a shopping cart or elevator button, touching children’s toys, etc.  And if you can’t wash your hands right away, use hand sanitizers.

Tip #3: Dispose of dirty tissues quickly.  And after you blow your nose, never rub your eyes with the same tissue.

Tip #4: Get enough sleep.  Studies show that people who slept fewer than 7 hours a night were 3 times more likely to develop a cold compared to those who slept 8 or more hours.

But if you have a cold, here are tips to help shorten the downtime.

Tip #5: Repeat Tip #4 and go to bed.  Sleeping recharges your immune system which fights off a cold.

Tip #6: Drink lots of water along with tea, juice and soup.  Fluids help your body heal by preventing dehydration and loosening congestion.  I have found adding lemon to water really works magic as it shifts the pH balance from more acid to more alkaline.  And no, coffee doesn’t help.

Tip #7: Enjoy some Chicken Soup.  Studies show that it does work by acting as an anti-inflammatory and helping relieve congestion, so limiting the time viruses are in contact with the lining of the nasal passages.  And no, it doesn’t have to be homemade.

Tip #8: Gargle a sore throat.  Dissolve a half teaspoon of salt in 8 ounces of warm water.  It works because it kills the bacteria located in the inflamed throat tissues.

Tip #9: Moisten the air with a humidifier.  Cold viruses are happiest in dry conditions so add moisture to indoor air.  Be careful not to add mold or fungi to your environment so change the water in your humidifier daily and clean it every 3 days.  Once over your cold, air out the room.

Tip #10: Don’t overuse over-the-counter cold remedies.  Though they may relieve symptoms when you can’t stand them anymore, they won’t make your cold go away any faster.  And they can have side effects.

It’s best to take seriously any illness that won’t go away.  So if your cold lingers too long or you suspect a sinus infection or you’re having breathing problems, call your doctor.

Enjoy Healthy” with results that last a lifetime,
Michele Risa
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  • GREAT advice regarding avoiding and ridding colds…these have all worked well for me. Would add that gargling, carefully, with a small amount of hydrogen pyroxide, the kind you use for oral debridement or to clean a cut, REALLY helps after you’ve been near someone who has a bad cold. For example when you are in a class or audience and someone has an uncontrollable cough, or also children who are sick with a cold…they don’t always know to cover their mouth when they cough, poor sweeties. Thank you for these reminders…just in time!

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