18 Day Smile Challenge- when you (& the sun) are at your peak

glossy smiley, vectorIf you love the feelings you feel when you’re with your best friend, would you like to feel them 24/7?  We promise that by participating in our 18 Day Smile Challenge you will be taking the first step toward feeling that joyous relationship with YOU!

Here’s what you do:

  1. Each time you engage in this relationship with yourself, sending yourself kindness, consideration, compassion and being loving to YOU, capture that moment of you being your best friend and take a picture.
  2. Then post the pictures to our Facebook event page @Beyond Body Mind Spirit or tweet them @beyondbodyyoga.

Along with the photo, tell us how you were feeling in that moment.

Our 18 Day Smile Challenge starts on Tuesday, June 4th and ends on Friday, June 21st. On that day 1,000s of others gather for Summer Solstice in Time Square. Join us to celebrate the 18 loving days you created for yourself and go to the next step.

Your ticket is a picture of your SMILE!

P.S. “Like” us on Facebook.

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