5 Mother’s Day Gifts Guaranteed to Make Her Smile

We all say “Happy” Mother’s Day, but for me it rarely ended up being a happy day.

Like last year, I started stressing days before about what gift would be the best for my money. Then I got to the flower store late and was left to weed out a withering, semi-alive bouquet. cheerful happy mothers day

So by the time I saw my mother, I was frustrated with my horrible Mother’s Day preparation that had me in a “leave me alone” attitude.

But, now I think back to all the wonderful things my mom has done for me. Starting with hours of painful labor, caring for all my cuts and scratches, commiserating with all my heartbreaks, and cleaning mounds of dirty smelly laundry, she has always been there for me.

So instead of giving those cliché cards and gifts that don’t show my full appreciation, I found gifts that put a smile on her face and I think can do the same for your mom.

1.) A compassionate idea is to help out those in need in her honor. Some charities I donate to are:
Heifer International
Big Brother/Big Sister of America
Doctors Without Borders
Oxfam America

2.) The power of aroma affects mood and provides a little lift whenever needed. Some of my favorites are Hope, Joy, Inspiration and Motivation. They’re “delicious” and make you feel like a million bucks!

3.) Guess what put a smile on Oprah’s face on her last birthday? Snatam Kaur’s music!  My favorite CD is Liberation’s Door.

4.) If you’re a yogi like me, why not share a Private Session with your mom? I have found it to be a great way to connect and raise vibrations together.

5.) There are a growing number of people, who are no longer willing to accept “business as usual.” They’re looking for a NEW business model for success where they experience the “sweet spot” in business (and in life) that blends passion and purpose with profit. If that’s your mom, we recommend this one- Conscious Entrepreneurs!

Wishing you and your mom a truly happy Mother’s Day!

Gabby Potievsky

P.S. Let us know how these gift ideas worked out for you.

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