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5 Tips to Find Jobs in a Tough Market

We can all use some help, especially in these tough economic times.  So here are “5 Tips to Find Jobs in a Tough Market” – tips that are practical, holistic, Yes_000007846945Smalland action-based.

Created for my cable TV show, “Beyond Body Mind Spirit,” my guest, Crystal Cotton, and I summarize and transcribe all 5 tips for easy access here.  To hear the whole “enchilada” and how we overcame our own job struggles, tune into the show Tuesday, March 15th at 8 PM on MNN, channel 3 (the channel is determined by your cable provider).

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.  It’s much harder to navigate alone.  It’s far easier to leverage experience and results to your advantage.

5 Tips to Find Jobs in a Tough Market

A Practical, Holistic and Action-Based Approach for the Job Seeker

From Beyond Body Mind Spirit and Crystal Clear Connextions

1. Stay Open to Opportunity– Consider transitional careers. Look into industries that have on-going growth even when the job market is slow, such as health care, education and government or quasi governmental agencies. Start exploring the “green” industry, or consider partnering with a colleague to start your own creative venture.

Crystal’s Holistic Approach: Practice removing personal barriers and negative thoughts to shift your thinking. This will help you create more enriching experiences and opportunities for yourself. Try a form of meditation, like the one Michele’s about to give you.

Michele’s Action Step: Often we can’t predict where, when or through whom our next opportunity will come.  To stay OPEN and receive it all, try one or both of these two Action steps.
A) Stand with your feet flat on the floor and say, “I am open,” then raise on to your toes and say, “to new opportunities.”  Continue moving up and down for at least 1 minute.
B) Seated in a chair, feet flat, interlace your fingers and draw the infinity sign- which looks like the number 8 lying on its side.  Draw it in front of you, as if a window were there.  Repeat the same words, “I am open to new opportunities” each time you draw the number 8.  Continue for 1-3 minutes.

2.  Highlight Skills – Transition into a new career by updating your resume. Focus on accomplishments and skills valuable in other careers.  So, if you have experience in customer service and have increased customer satisfaction at a previous job, say so. Then look for other people-centered jobs.  The possibilities are endless.

Crystal’s Holistic Approach: Learn to embrace your strengths and minimize your weaknesses through self love and acceptance. The better you know yourself the more that will be possible. Explore your spiritual side at a retreat or personal development class.

Michele’s Action Step: When updating your resume, sometimes numbers can add credibility to your accomplishments. For example, if 30% of those you served in customer service were satisfied or if 1 in 5 said they’d recommend friends, include it.  If numbers aren’t available, personal quotes can be effective, for example, “You were great at solving this problem for me.  You made my day.”  To stay focused on the positive:
A) While seated, feet flat, interlace your fingers, straighten your arms out in front of you.  As you inhale, raise your arms overhead or as high as you can, keeping your elbows straight; as you exhale; lower them just below your navel.  Continue for at least 1-3 minutes.

3. Send Out Less Resumes – Yes, that’s right- less resumes! More resumes do not mean more opportunity if you are targeting the wrong job for your skills and abilities. Create resumes targeted for particular jobs, industries or skills. This tactic will get employer’s attention.

Crystal’s Holistic Approach: When you squander your energies you block the path to real purpose. Learn to focus your energies on specific goals and take actions that directly promote that goal and purpose.

Michele’s Action Step:
After doing some research on the internet about the perspective company, you can develop questions that help you learn more at the interview itself. Asking questions may require more confidence in you communication.  Try this exercise.
A) Seated, feet flat, extend both arms out to the sides, shoulder height, palms down. Move your arms backwards, creating small circles.

4. Leave No Stone Unturned– Tap into all your personal and professional resources such as college alumni associations, professional trade groups, church or social organizations, friends and family. Job opportunities often arise just by letting people know you are available. Talk about what you do and how you can solve a problem for others and opportunities will occur.

Crystal’s Holistic Approach: Learn that people thrive when they are connected by common interest, experiences and circumstances. Begin to connect with people in ways that have meaning and show some vulnerability to life’s challenges.

Michele’s Action Step: People hire people.  Yes, you need skills, but given a similar skill set, they hire people they like.  To stay authentic to who you are, try this.
A) Seated, place your left hand over your ear so outside noise is blocked.  Bend your right elbow, forearm pointing up, palm facing forward, and fingers slightly spread apart.  Say, “I am spirit” and hear who you are from the inside.  Continue 3-7 minutes.

5. Volunteer– When you’re not pounding the pavement for that next job, offer your services to a local organization. This builds skill, shows commitment and allows you to make connections for employment opportunities.

Crystal’s Holistic Approach: Disconnect yourself from the idea that giving is monetary. Connect to giving that has value to others and creates purpose and satisfaction for you. Once you have found that, you will find paths to careers which bring you both fulfillment and money.

Michele’s Action Step: The Law of Attraction states that we attract who we are.  Whatever you give out, you attract back.  To keep your heart open:
A) Seated, place your thumb at the base of your pinkie and close the other four fingers around it.   With your palms down, revolve your fists around each other in an outward circle, keeping it in front of your heart.

We and our clients have had great results and want the same for you.  Let us know how we can help.

You can reach Michele at and Crystal at

“Enjoy Healthy!”
Michele RisaBeyond
Body Mind Spirit NYC

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