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8 Steps to Getting Your Wish Fulfilled

The universe brings us exactly what we need exactly when we need it.  So it was no surprise that when I happened to turn on my TV, there was Wayne Dyer lecturing about my favorite topic- manifestation.  If it’s one of your favorites, here are my notes.

Wish FulfilledIf you want to understand something mentally, you contemplate it, analyze, dissect… If you want to understand something spiritually, you must BE it.  Take into your imagination what you want and ASSUME THE FEELING OF THE WISH FULFILLED.


8 Steps to Getting Your Wish Fulfilled

  1. Change your concept of yourself by creating an idea in your mind that you can identify with until you BECOME IT.
  2. You understand something mentally through contemplation; you understand something spiritually through BEING it.
  3. You assume that FEELING of the wish fulfilled.
  4. Your imagination can do ALL you ask in proportion to the degree you maintain subjective attention (NOT being swayed by what others say or do which is objective attention.)
  5. Staying in this state allows divine mind which HAS to materialize it.
  6. Picturing the future without assuming the feeling of the wish is just futile daydreaming.
  7. Use the last 5 minutes before going to bed to assume the feeling.  (i.e. to be a great therapist, spend 5 minutes with the problem and the rest of the time finding solutions, what’s possible…Imagination is a gift from which all things originate.)
  8. Experience in your imagination what you would experience in reality as if already achieved; not as an on-looker, but as a participant thinking from the end.

In summary, you never allow anyone or anything to take you away from your wish, your vision…and you go to your feeling of wish fulfilled…already done.  By doing this you put into play your subconscious mind which can’t distinguish between what you’re feeling and the material world.  So, in the last 5 minutes before going to sleep, don’t dump what’s wrong, excuses, etc. but marinate for 8 hours the feeling of the wish fulfilled.  The subconscious mind will harden the thought into form.

What would your life look like if you COULDN’T think excuses?

From now on you no longer can think those debilitating thoughts…rather use your imagination.

“enjoy healthy,”

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