The Ground Breaking Approach to Total Sustainable Holistic Health



What’s missing in our health care system?  These 3 stools.

Stool # 1- For too long, our health care has been teetering on just two legs of a 3-legged stool- 1) doctors that offer medical procedures and surgery, and 2) the pharmaceutical industry.

What’s missing is the third leg (in blue)- Self Care.  That’s when we don’t wait until things fall apart and then rely on doctors and pharmaceuticals to pick up the expensive pieces. Self Care is the least expensive and the most powerful way to stay healthy.

We show you how.

stool_2Stool #2- Once we’re healthy, our ability to stay healthy is too frequently under-mind by only giving attention to the body. We must also connect and care for our mind and spirit– two critical legs of this stool (in blue). You wouldn’t just brush your front teeth and skip the ones in the back and on the sides!

We show you how.

Stool #3- And speaking of teeth, most of us brush every day, right? That’s because we know that if we don’t, we’ll suffer from cavities or worse. Well, the truth is you’re collecting “toxic particles” like tension, negativity and doubt in your body, mind and spirit. How do I know? Because you suffer from debt and low bank account balances, disconnects in relationships, a chaotic environment, being overweight, frequently getting sick, or long days of struggle and hard work without time for vacations.

These “toxic particles” have to show up in your reality because it’s a universal law. According to Abraham as shared by Esther and Jerry Hicks, “All things that happen in your experience come because of the requests that you are sending out with your thoughts.”

stool_3The antidote? Daily brushing ALL parts of you. And because you’re using a brush you’re not accustomed to, you need not only information on how-to, but also time to practice and on-going support to ensure you stay on track and experience success. This creates a solid third 3-legged stool.

We show you how (just CLICK HERE).

What distinguishes Beyond Body Mind Spirit programs from others are these 3 3-legged stools creating the ground breaking approach to total  sustainable HOLISTIC HEALTH.

Taken together, this triad enables you to maximize your efforts, accomplish your goals and enjoy the thrill of living a totally healthy life.