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Act As IF

If you hope to create whatever you desire in life, then read this email I received.  It’s a wonderful complement to the Improve Performance Package- my newest addition to dial-UP yoga.

“Often called `the father of psychology’, William James taught us the `Act As If ‘ principle. He stated, “If you want a quality, act as if you already have it”.

cover1023-stage2You’ve no doubt heard these three words before, maybe even took a crack at applying this strategy in your life. But have you ever really taken the time to ask, “what exactly does it mean to “Act As If?”

Just what it says! Act as if you already possess a behavioral characteristic, an outcome, or an ideal.

While I like the overall concept and have taught it in the past, the reality is that most people have a very hard time applying this “fake it until you make it” philosophy.

I want to share a devastating, far more effective technique…I call it, “Assuming the Position”.  Stop snickering and keep reading.

The following explanation will show you exactly what it means and how you can apply it in your life.

We must begin with a simple understanding; every outcome consists of a mental equivalent. Meaning, before a goal or outcome is achieved, a mental process, a belief system was first initiated.

If you simply employ the “Act As If” principle, you are engaging in actions which may very well have improper mental constructs. That is OFTEN the case.

A “construct” in its simplest form is a concept or “model”. This in itself is not very interesting until we realize that everything ever made outside of nature began as an idea in someone’s head.  Some of these ideas or “Constructs” have had more impact than others over time.  Of those that have had impact, some have been for the good of mankind and some have not.

The “Assume the Position” philosophy is a powerful mental construct that works. Why? Because it allows you to assume the correct mental position or posturing…IN ADVANCE.

Here is how you must employ it to ensure maximum effectiveness:

Assume the Position that…

  • – Your kids will grow up to be contributing members of society.  Then set the right example for them to follow.
  • – Your actions will produce desirable fruit. Than challenge your comfort zone and take the necessary risks.
  • – Your clients will love the value of your products and services.  Than go the extra mile and treat them like royalty.
  • – You will get into the college you always dreamed of. Than study hard, prepare well and ace every exam.
  • – You will enjoy a comfortable retirement. Than save and invest your money with discipline and consistency.
  • – Excuses are an unacceptable character flaw. Than take responsibility for your life and actions.
  • – Your business will grow in these difficult times. Than get out there and out hustle, out innovate and out perform your competitors.

Assuming the position is more than just a smart success strategy…It’s a rock solid mental construct that allows you to best position yourself for success in virtually any situation.

…oh, one final position for you to assume…

Assume the position that the only reason to set a goal is to achieve, then get out there and get it done.”

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Email from Gary Ryan Blair (with edits)

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I just completed Michele’s 90-day MORE program. As Michele will remind you, if you decide to study with her, things don’t happen to us; they happen for us. Michele happened for me just when I needed what she is committed to teaching. Commitment is the key word because she is always thinking of what she can do to help others live happy, successful lives filled with joy. She takes care to really understand what each of her students needs and instinctively suggests just the right message, yoga exercise, meditation, food, experience, etc., that will resonate with them to help them courageously live the life they want. Michele is a gift you deserve to give yourself when you’re finally ready to live your best, authentic life.
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