Manhattan Holistic Chamber of Commerce President Michele Risa

Becoming Fluent in Optimize

“They say you can’t really claim fluency in a foreign language until you’ve dreamed in the language- in other words, until it’s lodged in your subconscious.

The metaphor works for Foundation Training as well…doing it right without thinking about it- unconsciously if not subconsciously.” ~ Eric Goodman from True to Form
I love the metaphor that optimizing is like becoming fluent in a new language- that point where you no longer need to “translate” what’s being said- you just get it.
Eric tells us that it takes a LOT of diligent, patient, persistent mindfulness to re-train ourselves…that it’s NOT about intensity per se, it’s about CONSISTENCY.
(Note from Michele Risa: this is what I experience, too.)MR&Light
Take advantage of tiny little opportunities through our days to engage in our new (behaviors)- THAT’s where it’s at.
Little by little, we re-train every aspect of ourselves. Fully immersed in our new OPTIMIZE language, translating and translating- embracing the discomfort of learning the new “language” until (OVER.THE.LONG.RUN.) one day we’re dreaming in our new language- and what used to require conscious effort now runs on autopilot.
THAT’s what we’re after.  Consistency over intensity.
We need to let go of the idea that HOW HARD we do something in any one moment is the most critical factor, and instead realize it’s all about how CONSISTENTLY we show up, day in and day out, week in and week out, month in and month out.
Diligent.  Patient.  Persistent.
Remembering that incremental optimization aggregated and compounded over time=
OPTIMIZE fluency + the joy of ACTUALIZING our greatest potential
 ~ Brian Johnson The Optimizer​​​​​​​

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I just completed Michele’s 90-day MORE program. As Michele will remind you, if you decide to study with her, things don’t happen to us; they happen for us. Michele happened for me just when I needed what she is committed to teaching. Commitment is the key word because she is always thinking of what she can do to help others live happy, successful lives filled with joy. She takes care to really understand what each of her students needs and instinctively suggests just the right message, yoga exercise, meditation, food, experience, etc., that will resonate with them to help them courageously live the life they want. Michele is a gift you deserve to give yourself when you’re finally ready to live your best, authentic life.
- Sheri Robbins, New York

...I have suffered from emotional eating for 6 years, during which I have juggled and switched through different therapists and treatment options. I continued to feel "stuck" as the approaches focused on the past and why I acquired my disease. ...Michele's plan of remaining present- right here, right now- in addition to helping me choose love for myself, has allowed me to grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually... Michele is a true gift from God.
- Michele Messina, New Jersey

The benefits have been significant. My reason for doing this yoga is to improve and maintain good health. Each morning class provides me with the motivation to get up and improve my physical and mental strength. I also think one of the greatest things about Michele’s 365 Yoga Course is I can join a class any day of the week, drop in at any time during the class and leave at a time that works for me and my schedule, from anywhere I am.
- Philip Swanton, New York