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Beyond Body Mind Spirit’s TV Show01 Jun

Beyond Body Mind Spirit has a monthly TV show!  MNN TV

This May, we announce our newest innovation, “Gourmet Fitness” that includes yoga for a healthy body, meditation for a healthy mind, food that nourishes, and Self Care that warms the heart.

Catch it Tuesday, June 4th at 8 PM on Channel 3 on Time Warner. – (This link enables you to see all live programming on MNN. You will see our show only at 8 PM June 4.)

Experience “Yoga for Anyone Anywhere” which you can even do at your desk or a park bench.  Enjoy a high energy meditation that opens your heart.  And hear some great summer super foods and recipes.

Last but not least, we invite everyone to our exciting 18 Day Smile Challenge which is the first step towards feeling a joyous relationship with YOU and ends celebrating with 1,000s on June 21st.

Just click the link above to join us and create 18 loving days you’ll never forget.

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