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Nutrition for your Heart: How to attract what you want instead of running after it


Do you have a goal you finally want to reach and keep? Have an area of your life you want to improve so it’s never on your to-do list again?

If you’re like me, the answer is, “Oh, yes.“

So, I’m sharing 4 top tips over 40 days that ensure your New Years approach is successful, holistic and includes 4 key areas- Yoga for your Body, Yoga for your Mind, Nutrition as Healing Medicine, and Nutrition for the Heart.

Nutrition for your Heart- 1
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Beyond Body Mind Spirit’s TV Show

Beyond Body Mind Spirit has a monthly TV show!  MNN TV

This May, we announce our newest innovation, “Gourmet Fitness” that includes yoga for a healthy body, meditation for a healthy mind, food that nourishes, and Self Care that warms the heart.

Catch it Tuesday, June 4th at 8 PM on Channel 3 on Time Warner. – (This link enables you to see all live programming on MNN. You will see our show only at 8 PM June 4.)
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How to Stop the Killing and Hate We Saw in the NewTown Massacre

Since the massacre in Newtown, CT, the discussion about violence in our country has resurfaced. As we know, there have been many shootings – from Columbine High School, to Virginia Tech, to the movie theater in Aurora, CO.

Understandably, we’re searching for the cause and solutions. I endorse reducing the number of guns, banning assault rifles and high capacity magazines, and offering help to those mentally ill to lessen killings caused by guns. Nevertheless, we would still have hate and on-going wars- just as we have throughout time.

Another theme throughout time is the “power of love.”

Though many of us seek love from other people, places or things, it often ends in failure. Even for people with money, power and recognition like Michael Jackson or Marilyn Monroe.

Why? (drum-roll…) Because if we can’t love ourselves, we can’t believe anyone else can. And if we don’t feel loved, we literally freak out and act out. Love is as necessary to our life as are air, water, and food.

Are you interested in “being” love?

Love, like the rays of the sun, continually radiates from your core. And as demonstrated by the Dalai Lama, love flows as a smile and warmth to all people- even to the Chinese who have killed his people and destroyed Tibetan temples. Inner peace that can translate into world peace is the “power of love.”

(BTW, learning to love yourself unconditionally is what we at Beyond Body Mind Spirit offer- with kindness, compassion and courage.)

The movie below is a clear example of what un-loved looks like and how painfully destructive it is. (Even though he had two loving parents, money, etc.) Check out this trailer, “We Need to Talk About Kevin.” This movie mysteriously landed in my mailbox this weekend. Trusting the universe that now is the perfect time to see it, I pass it on to you.

Please let me know how you feel we can stop the killing and hate.  I welcome the chance to collaborate.

3 Minutes Can Change Your Life!


DECEMBER 18, 2012







NEW YORK  NY Now you don’t have to wait for New Year’s to begin taking steps to make lasting changes in your life – all you need is 3 minutes a day! 
Beyond Body Mind Spirit, the holistic lifestyle company created by renowned Life Change Agent Michele Risa, has released the first of their 3-Minute Yoga for Anyone, Anywhere video series for free.  Titled “Relaxation Yoga for Anyone, Anywhere,” this video is the perfect introduction to the series that allows people of all fitness levels to enjoy a safe and highly effective practice that can become part of a daily routine at home, at the office, on vacation – ANYWHERE.

I don’t have the time.  I’m too out of shape to begin a regular yoga practice.  I can’t afford yoga classes.  These are all excuses that we have used to keep ourselves stuck and repeating destructive patterns.  The 3-Minute Anyone, Anywhere yoga series takes the excuses out of the equation, by introducing simple and results driven techniques that can improve health, mental focus and positive, feel-good energy!

To access “Relaxation Yoga for Anyone, Anywhere” for free (regularly priced at $3.99), visit and register to receive the video and accompanying workbook that will help practitioners stay on track and achieve their goals.   Unlike other relaxation videos, this offers the soothing benefits of a massage and other advantages, including: decrease stress hormones to lessen headaches, stiff neck and pain; boost your digestive system; strengthen your immune system to reduce illness; restore balance; and deepen calm and healing.  This video is perfect way to reduce holiday stress and yes, jump-start those New Year’s resolutions!  It is also a great introduction to other videos in the series including “Beginners Yoga for Anyone, Anywhere” and “Shape Up Yoga for Anyone, Anywhere” (both $3.99 each).  All those who register for “Relaxation Yoga for Anyone, Anywhere” are invited to purchase the other two videos at the discounted price of $1.99 each!

If you’ve not had a lot of experience with yoga, our “Beginners Yoga for Anyone, Anywhere” is a perfect place to start.  You can do it on a mat or seated in a chair to avoid any chance of injury. It’s great for anyone who sits at a computer for long periods of time, and helps 1 in 3 Americans who suffer from lower back pain by stretching and releasing tension and stress.  The video also includes a powerful breath exercise that according to Kundalini Yoga, helps you get rid of chronic illness that may have developed over years.

If you’re more familiar with yoga, our “Shape Up Yoga for Anyone, Anywhere” is optimal for strengthening and toning your thighs, while helping balance your brain.  Plus, there are movements that help connect the left and right hemispheres of your brain to make it easier to quit a sabotaging habit and create a supportive one.  This video also comes with a powerful workbook to keep you motivated and energized!

For more information on the video series and the register for the free “Relaxation Yoga for Anyone, Anywhere” video and workbook, please visit  Follow Beyond Body Mind Spirit on Twitter @BeyondBodyYoga and become a fan on Facebook at BeyondBodyMindSpirit.


Beyond Body Mind Spirit is a holistic lifestyle company founded by Life Change Agent Michele Risa.   Her goal is to navigate people through the challenging process of change in order for them to reduce their struggle and enjoy life. Her approach has proven successful for hundreds of clients by capitalizing on the source- You. 

She provides on-going support so you stay on track and begins wherever you are, with expertise in weight-loss, anti-aging, stress management, and yoga.  Utilizing latest technology, she frequently “meets” with clients face to face across the country and around the world.

Michele is a TV producer, author, frequent radio guest, and corporate lecturer. She is passionate about health, disease prevention, spreads the truth about the glory of aging and wisdom, and promotes world peace through Self Care.  She predicts that in the next few years, meditation will be as popular as yoga is today. The many benefits of Emotional Intelligence brought about through meditation, like heightened focus and creativity, more optimism and resilience, and the ability to build more fulfilling relationships through empathy, will be sought by leaders worldwide.

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Academy Awards II + Hilarious Dog Video

If you’re an animal lover like me, after seeing The Artist, you may have thought, “That dog was pure delight!”  And after seeing the War Horse, you may have had to hold back tears or, as I did, just let the tears pour down your face and allow your date to see your softer side.

Oscar Award for ShantiSo I’ve decided to begin an Academy Awards II for any and all animals that STAR on the screen in your life.

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Perfect for busy executives, and overworked moms and dads. Quick and easy release to do at your computer, prep for a meeting, or before a holiday gathering.

Your video (plus workbook) will arrive in minutes. Please check your email. Your information will NEVER be sold or shared with anyone. I respect your privacy.

What People Are Saying. . .
I just completed Michele’s 90-day MORE program. As Michele will remind you, if you decide to study with her, things don’t happen to us; they happen for us. Michele happened for me just when I needed what she is committed to teaching. Commitment is the key word because she is always thinking of what she can do to help others live happy, successful lives filled with joy. She takes care to really understand what each of her students needs and instinctively suggests just the right message, yoga exercise, meditation, food, experience, etc., that will resonate with them to help them courageously live the life they want. Michele is a gift you deserve to give yourself when you’re finally ready to live your best, authentic life.
- Sheri Robbins, New York

...I have suffered from emotional eating for 6 years, during which I have juggled and switched through different therapists and treatment options. I continued to feel "stuck" as the approaches focused on the past and why I acquired my disease. ...Michele's plan of remaining present- right here, right now- in addition to helping me choose love for myself, has allowed me to grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually... Michele is a true gift from God.
- Michele Messina, New Jersey

The benefits have been significant. My reason for doing this yoga is to improve and maintain good health. Each morning class provides me with the motivation to get up and improve my physical and mental strength. I also think one of the greatest things about Michele’s 365 Yoga Course is I can join a class any day of the week, drop in at any time during the class and leave at a time that works for me and my schedule, from anywhere I am.
- Philip Swanton, New York