dial UP yoga FAQ

365 Yoga FAQ:

dial UP yoga FAQCan't do every day?
Start with one day a week or as many as you wish. You choose what's best for you.
dial UP yoga FAQIs the LIVE class too early in the AM?
Do the class later in the day by following the recorded video of the class.
Or if on a weekend, after the class return to bed for a very, deep, rejuvenating sleep.
dial UP yoga FAQNeed extra help following along?
The recorded video class is available to you to watch as often as you wish. Or email me. I'm happy to help.
dial UP yoga FAQWhat can you do to overcome resistance?
Remember: No matter how much you do, you'll get you the benefits you need just by showing UP, holding your intention, and connecting to our group energy.
dial UP yoga FAQDo you sometimes feel you're struggling all alone?
Show UP anytime…you have a whole community routing for you.