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Feng Shui for Optimal Health!

By Salvatore Manzi of Feng Shui Life Mapping

Feng Shui is the art of living in harmony with our environment: our home, our room, our office, our car, everywhere that we are and move about in life. With the intention of living a healthy life, we can create a healthy environment that reinforces our intention and affect us in positive, health-inducing ways.

A healthy environment in terms of Feng Shui begins with the key components of natural light, clean air, and a sense of order. But moreover, we can create a healthy environment by reflecting our intentions on both a conscious and subconscious level. And we can use the elements of the Feng Shui Bagua to augment this even further.

The Key Components:

  • Natural Light: Whenever possible, allow natural light to shine in. The sun brings healthy chi! When natural light is not available, dedicate a lamp to a full-spectrum light bulb. I’d even recommend setting that lamp on a timer to mimic the natural daylight hours.
  • Clean Air: Unless you live in a forest, I recommend using an air purifier of some kind in any space you spend much time. These are relatively affordable now, and remove not only toxins, but also dust and other particles that pollute our air.
  • Sense of Order: External harmony and order reflect internal harmony and order. External clutter and chaos reflect internal clutter and chaos. Volumes have been written on the benefits of reducing clutter in our lives, and as if we need one more reason, consider that every little area of clutter that you eliminate will lead to an exponential amount of health benefits!

Redesigning with FSLM:

If your goal is optimum health, look around your environment and see what is reflecting that goal. When your environment reflects your intentions, it will direct your energies and keep your focus clear, moving you towards that reality.

Creating a supportive environment that reinforces your intention is the practice of Feng Shui Life Mapping. The idea being that our environment is constantly reflecting and either reinforcing or blocking our intentions. For example, a person who wishes to eat healthy can reinforce this intention by having a kitchen filled with healthy food.

Begin by eliminating anything that discourages healthy living. If there is something that gets in the way of your health practice, see if you can remove it from your vision. For example, if TV watching gets in the way of your yoga practice, keep the TV covered or enclosed in a cabinet.

And then create a reflection of your health intention. If your intention is to run for exercise, keep your running shoes out where you can see them.

The Feng Shui Bagua:

Lastly, let’s look at the Feng Shui Bagua, the energy map that shows what part of a space represents what part of your life, the Bagua designates the center part of your space as representative of your life area: “health.” Being in the middle, it is connected to and affects every other part of your life. So anything you do to improve your health, physically and in terms of Feng Shui, improves your whole life overall.

Ideally, the center part of your space will be open and clear, allowing the energy to move freely and easily in and around. The area is associated with and thus enhanced by the element of earth and the colors yellow and orange. So you can imagine an orange yoga mat in the center of your room would be Feng Shui-licious.


Keep in mind that Feng Shui is ultimately about balance. Balance in ones personal environment will manifest as balance in one’s health. Strive for comfortable space that is neither too crowded, too empty, too busy or too still, and in addition to ample natural light, clean air and sense of order, reinforce your intention with an environment that reminds you consciously and unconsciously of your optimum health.

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Information provided by Michele Risa, Beyond Body Mind Spirit NYC

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