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Health Care 911: The Secret to Avoiding a Health Crisis

emergency mainI’ve been following our health care debate over the years with great interest.

Truth is, we don’t have a health care system.  We have a sick care system.  Meaning, only when we get sick, do we begin to address our issue or illness and by then it costs us a lot more to address it.

The result?
It shows up in our bodies as aches and pains, low energy, short attention span and memory loss, being overweight, diabetic or pre-diabetic, and stressed out about aging and catastrophic health care costs!

This is analogous to a car that didn’t have its oil changed, tires rotated, or body tuned up so it breaks down on the highway and needs to be towed for costly repairs.

Want to keep your engine humming and body moving?

Here are “3 Easy, Powerful Tips to Get your Engine Humming“:

  1. Are you tired and need more energy? Listen to your body and commit to more sleep.  Tonight go to bed just 10 minutes earlier (if normally 11 PM, go to bed at 10:50 PM).  After 1 week, go to bed 10 minutes earlier (10:40 PM).  Continue making this small adjustment until the number of hours of sleep is 7-8 hours which research indicates is needed for you to be at optimal performance.
  2. Need to problem solve but are unfocused and distracted? Listen to your mind and commit to replenishing it- fast.  Every hour yawn for just 60 seconds- it blasts your brain with oxygen! At first the yawns may feel forced but it gets easier as you continue.  Again, verified by research.
  3. Nervous about a presentation?  Listen to your emotions and commit to a focus of success. Close your eyes and recall a pleasant memory filled with deep joy.  Feel the edges of your mouth rise into a smile.  Now see your presentation creating that same joy.  Begin your presentation with this smile and feel the trust of everyone in the room.

Hear “The Secret to Avoiding a Health Crisis.”  It takes just 4 minutes.


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