How to Make Your Life Your Practice

Have you felt frustrated by how fast the calm of a yoga class disappears? Or how quickly every day stresses return after your vacation?

Try this 4-Step “Daily Life Practice”

FIRST Meditate Have a meditation that addresses your specific issues or condition and enables you to accomplish your goals.   As you meditate, hold your intention and what outcome you deeply desire.  Let’s talk if you’d like your own customized plan (mrisa11@gmail.com) with Health Consultant, Michele Risa, to reach your specific goals even faster.

SECOND Visualize  Visualize how you want your day to unfold. Create a short 1-minute video in your mind.  Include all areas of your life: how you nourish yourself with food, the clothes you wear, your conversations with family, the outcome of your meetings, your fun moments, and the feeling of gratitude.

THIRD Reprogram It is our programming that sets up beliefs, and the chain reaction begins.

  1. Programming creates beliefs.
  2. Beliefs create attitudes.
  3. Attitudes create feelings.
  4. Feelings determine actions.
  5. Actions create results.

That’s how the brain works.  If you want to manage yourself in a better way, and change your results, you can do so at any time you choose.  Start with the first step.  Change your programming.

What is one of the best ways to reprogram throughout your day?  Change the way you talk to yourself.

Listen especially to your emotional reactions.  It will often sound judgmental.  Immediately place what occurred into perspective (i.e. Is it really that critical?)  Rephrase it, speaking kindly to yourself.  Remind yourself it’s not in your best interest to release stress hormones that sabotage your health, compromise decision-making, and strains relationships.

FOURTH Gratitude At the end of your day, write 3 things you are grateful for and 3 things you did that day that were awesome (including kinder self talk).

To get maximum results, practice daily. Like learning any new skill, practice makes perfect, a.k.a. gets the results you want.

Need help staying on track? Michele Risa, one of the best certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teachers, provides a blueprint with sustainability.

Now, your life is as beautiful as your practice.

Let’s talk!