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How to Extend Lifespan & “Healthspan”

Here’s one of several anti-aging tips I’ll be sharing as I launch my new Anti-Aging Program.

“As lifespan continues to extend in the developed world we face the challenge of increasing our ‘healthspan’, that is the years of our lives when we can expect to be healthy and free from serious or chronic illness,” says Prof Douglas Kell, Chief Executive of Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC).

imagesThough scientists have known for some time that a restricted diet can lead to a longer lifespan and reduced incidence of age-related diseases, new research gives new insight into why this can occur even if the restricted diet is adopted later in life.

Why it’s Never Too Late!

Researchers set out to investigate what effect a restricted diet had on cell senescence- the point at which a cell can no longer replicate which is a major cause of aging. They studied the liver and intestines, two organs known to accumulate large numbers of these cells as animals age. They also studied the telomeres of chromosomes which are the protective ends of chromosomes that prevent errors or diseases that occur as the replication of DNA becomes eroded over time.  (Read article at

In summary, they found that a restricted diet helped reduce the amount of cell senescence occurring and reduced the damage to protective telomeres even when applied to animals later in life! So it may be true that, It’s Never Too Late!

Ready to begin? Here are two tips from Dr. Charles Glassman (Note: please consult with your doctor before making any changes to your diet.)

  1. Aim to take in 8-10 calories per pound to reach or maintain your desired weight. For example, if you wish to be 150 pounds, your intake should be 1200-1500 calories per day.
  2. Make sure you eat slowly, since it takes about 12 minutes for your stomach to notify your brain that it is full!

I would love to know what you think about this and if more tips on Anti-Aging are of interest to you. Just email me at

“Enjoy Healthy!”
Michele Risa
Beyond Body Mind Spirit NYC

One Response to How to Extend Lifespan & “Healthspan”

  • Anti-aging, is one of the most sort after concepts for the baby-boomer generation. Interestingly, AARP just published an article stating that this will be the first year baby boomers will turn 65 years of age at a rate of 8000 per day!

    What is anti-aging and what it isn’t is another way to look at this subject. Everyone wants to turn on the evening news and find out that some pharmaceutical company has developed a pill to cure a chronic disease or help us live longer. This is a pie in the sky idea, eliminating fundamentals as you have pointed out in a previous publication to your readers.

    The real things to consider despite your genetic predisposition which one can potentially alter with lifestyle), is how you live your life! If we could create a scorecard it might look something like this-

    – How many times a week do you exercise?

    – Are your spine and extremities flexible, or stiff and restricted?

    – How do you process stress? We all have it, it’s how we react to it!

    – What are your lipids (blood fats i.e. Cholesterol, LDL, HDL, Triglycerides. These are best evaluated with a VAP panel your doctor can run to see your real risk of CV disease.

    – Additionally, what is your Cardio or Sens. CRP? This is a measure of inflammation in your blood vessels and just as much a risk factor as elevated lipids.

    – Is your fasting blood sugar levels below 90, and has your doctor looked at your fasting insulin level and run a HbA1C, which is a measure of how your blood sugar has been for the last 3 months?

    – Is your weight within a healthy range for your height? Do you know what that number really should be?

    – Is the rest of your blood chemistry in a healthy range?

    – Do you eat a healthy diet and have normal bowel habits?

    – Do you take quality nutritional supplements daily?

    – Do you drink more than 1 glass of wine a day if female or 2 if a male?

    – Can you quiet your mind?

    – How happy are you?

    This is what anti-aging is about. It’s not a magic pill, it is a lifestyle that comes about by learning to be aware enough to pay attention to what we do and don’t do that contributes to who we are now and who we will be in the future.

    Lifestyle medicine looks at all of these parameters, and has demonstrated it’s efficacy to be equal or greater than a pharmacological approach. We can make us healthier, we can live longer, more productive years. This is anti-aging.

    Loren Marks D.C., DACBN

    Diplomate American Clinical Board of Nutrition

    Integrative Assessment Technique, Founder

    200 W 57 St. Ste 1010 NY, NY, 10019


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