How to Get “a whiff” of Great Memories

Do you like things that smell good and have health benefits? Of course you do! And I do, too.

One of my greatest sources of nostalgia comes from the scent of lavender. My grandmother used to grow lavender plants in her yard when she lived in my town, Topsfield.

Calm Lavendar Lady

Photograph by Stuart Miles

Every time I get a whiff of lavender, I’m brought right back to riding bikes with my brothers on her street in the summertime. And so, you can only imagine my happiness whenever I use my lavender essential oil.

Aside from smelling the glorious aroma, lavender is the most versatile of all the essential oils. Because it is an adaptogen, it assists the body in adapting to stress and imbalances. It aids with relaxation and tranquility, which is of particular use to me during a hectic day when I need to sneak away for a nap (and need to actually fall asleep!). Lavender’s balancing properties also boost stamina and energy – great for a quick pick-me-up. This god-like oil can also benefit the skin (acne, allergies, burns, bruises, cold sores, rashes, scars, sunburns… the list is endless!) Lavender also benefits the circulatory and respiratory systems, in addition to digestion. Clearly, I could write for days on the benefits and many uses of lavender – for me it’s in fact an essential essential oil.

Which of its countless benefits will you enjoy? Get your lavender or any of the other 300+ essential oils here. Or better yet, contact Michele at (212)-889-4986 or for a personal consultation to help you discover your own essential oils for your specific needs.

BTW: Think all essential oils are created equal?  Think again.  Oils can suffer when made with heat, just as cooked food loses energy and benefits. Young Living’s essential oils originate from a unique process of cold steam distillation which allows for a preservation of “nature’s living energy.”  How awesome is that?

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By Lauren Searles

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