How to See the World Differently in 90 Seconds

Are you like me and sometimes wish more people would be nicer?

The truth is, maybe they are but we can’t “SEE” them.

Here’s why:We’re constantly bombarded with reminders of how we humans have the capability to do terrible things. Every time we turn on the news, pick up a newspaper, or watch some action movie, we witness people destroying each other and the planet.

But we also have the potential to create miracles.

As you will see in this video, all over the world people have been filmed- without them knowing-  performing spontaneous acts of kindness.  For example, someone saves a car of people stuck on train tracks, just in the nick of time. Or saves a stranger’s pet from an on-coming car.  Another rushes over to help strangers carry a heavy couch across the street.  Others give a handout of food or a hand up- literally lifting someone off the ground before they’re about to fall.

Ready to SEE such acts more often in your world?

Take our 30 Day Challenge!
1. Watch this 90 second video every day for 30 days.  We bet that if we each SEE more daily acts of kindness, we in turn will SEE more kindness throughout our daily travels as well as DO more of them ourselves.
2. Email me each day over the next 30 days with “YES to Kindness” in the subject line. We will donate $1 a day or $30 at the end to the charity of your choice.
Here’s your chance to SEE (and MAKE) our beautiful world in just 90 seconds a day.

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