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How to Stop Meals from Being a Never-Ending Guilt Trip

If you’re like me, you’re often on the look out for tips on how to cut calories and lose weight.  So when I saw an article on Oprah’s website, “8 No-Brainer Tricks to Save Around 100 Calories in a Day,” I couldn’t resist.

Enjoy Food & Lose Weight

Enjoy Food & Lose Weight

I am an Oprah fan.  I say that because she offers so many ideas that improve the quality of my life.  Yet today, I am saying NO to some of this article’s suggestions and instead saying what is rarely said- you can LOSE WEIGHT and ENJOY FOOD.

To clarify, here are 2 examples:

(Don’t) “Take a half-empty approach to breakfast”
Though the article suggests you “cut back on just 1/3 cup of cereal, (so) you can trim 100 calories from your breakfast,” I have found that breakfast is the MOST important meal of the day.  As much research confirms,  a healthy breakfast can give you more energy, improved concentration and performance, lower cholesterol levels, and even help with weight control!  So if you want to cut 100 calories, I suggest:

1. Replace sugary cereals with whole grains.  Since most cereals include sugar, check the ingredients for sugar’s many names- corn syrup, fructose, dextrose, sucrose, glucose, cane sugar (plus 50 more). If you crave something sweet, add fresh fruit like apples, pears, or bananas! (and in the winter, I add some strawberries and blueberries that I froze last summer.)
2. Choose a healthy breakfast.  My typical breakfast includes protein (which keeps me full longer and so I eat less), multi-grain bread (which provides necessary fiber), a vegetable (tomato, carrot or cucumber) and some good fat (avocado to “sit” on my bread).

(Partial Don’t) “Treat Monday Lunch Like Friday Happy Hour”
I agree with the article and advocate not eating at your desk (or in front of the TV which is pretty much the same thing).  I don’t agree with standing while you eat.  Though it says you burn 40 percent more calories while standing, I believe it eliminates 3 compelling health benefits.

1. When you sit down, you are aware of the process of eating which impacts portion control, your pace, and ultimately how much you eat.  So, YOU EAT LESS.
2. If you inhale your food while on the run, the body perceives it as stress.  During the state of stress, insulin and cortisol production increase.  As a result, your body doesn’t absorb the nutrients and burns fewer calories.  To MAXIMIZE your METABOLISM,  sit down and take five deep breaths before you eat.
3. You are more likely to enjoy your meal by sitting.  This will lead to better WEIGHT CONTROL because you feel more satisfied and reduce cravings.

So have a seat, relax, and enjoy your meal.

If you’re ready to eat calories that give you energy, not fat and potential health problems, feed your body steady nourishment and eliminate sugar highs and lows, and finally lose weight without the struggle, check out one of our popular programs, Gourmet Fitness. Since I believe in the power of love, if you reply before Valentine’s Day, I’ll give you a $50 gift certificate.

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