If You Hate Exercising, Here’s How to Love it!

You know you need physical activity because being a couch potato has severe health risks including coronary heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, little energy, osteoporosis and becoming part of the obesity epidemic…not to mention you wont live to see your grandchildren get married.

Fun ExerciseThe first step to getting back into exercise is to stop defining the concept of physical activity so narrowly. The treadmill at the gym is not the only way to burn large amounts of calories.

Ready to find an exercise that you love? Just ask yourself these questions:
-What did you enjoy playing as a child?
-What environment makes you happy?
-What fits with your personality?
-What is your goal?
-Do you have any physical restrictions?

OK, if that didn’t help, here are some really fun ideas for you! (Calories burned per hour for a person weighing 130 lbs):

  1. Badminton- easy set up and a great game to play at your BBQs (226 Calories)
  2. Basketball- show your sporty side to your guy friends (354 Calories)
  3. Bowling- a great date night idea instead of hitting the bar (177 Calories)
  4. Canoeing- the weather is finally warm; time to step outside (413 Calories)
  5. Fishing- burn calories while you catch dinner (148 Calories)
  6. Painting- express your creativity while making a birthday gift (266 Calories)
  7. Roller Blading- let your inner child come out to play (708 Calories)
  8. Swimming- the pools and beaches are open (354 Calories)
  9. Tennis- great way to bond with your friends (472 Calories)

Still not saying “yes” to anything? Come to our FREE Lunch Yoga classes-no pretzel positions included, in fact most of the exercises can be done at your desk. Now you have no excuses not to start!!

When: Weekly on Thursdays, 12:15 -12:45 PM throughout June
Where: 10 Park Avenue, corner Park Avenue and 34th Street, Suite 3D
Cost: FREE
*Space is LIMITED. To save your spot, register by emailing which Thursdays you plan to attend: MRisa@BeyondBodyMindSpirit.com

by Gabriella Potievsky

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