One Dog’s Affair with Yogurt

Long before the current hype around yogurt, Shanti, our mascot, had a relationship or actually an obsession with one of his favorite yogurts, Shanti- Brown Cow2Brown Cow

He’s quite choosy, and knows that all yogurts are NOT the same.

How does he choose which brand to love?

He knows not to confuse sugary yogurts with the ones that give your body what it truly needs, like:

  • Probiotics – “good” bacteria for a healthy digestive system
  • Live cultures – like acidophilus and bifidus that are beneficial for human health
  • Nutrients- like Calcium, Vitamin A, D, B-2, B-12, Potassium and magnesium

Shanti- Brown Cow5Is good taste on your list?  Shanti thinks so.  Look at this passionate affair!

Then join Shanti  and begin romancing your body with healthy, yummy yogurt.

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