The Team

Martin Hain & Michele Risa

Martin Hain & Michele Risa

Martin Hain, Marketing Consultant

Since 1989, Martin Hain has been helping businesses with marketing, branding, advertising, web development and graphic design as a Creative Director at various ad agencies and since 2000 as a business owner/entrepreneur.

He thinks of himself as a creative catalyst and can take the mundane and create brilliance. With a deep understanding of the elusive customer, he turns content into sales.

“Having Martin on our team has been a God-sent.  He can solve any problem and is as reliable as the sunrise.  He’s thoughtful and adds improvement to everything he touches. He is an excellent educator and has helped me and everyone grow,” raves Risa.

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Luisa Rasiej

Luisa Rasiej, 30 Days MORE Self Care Partner

Luisa Rasiej created the Inner Contessa by blending the best of transpersonal psychology, body work, energy medicine, fear-release protocols and other holistic healing techniques. She has worked as a transformational therapist, teacher, mentor and intuitive with hundreds of women unsatisfied with their career and relationships.

Raised in Italy and Switzerland, she is fluent in 6 languages and has been leading workshops in Japan, Europe and throughout the United States for the past 10 years.  She  has been featured on radio shows nationally, is a contributing author to the bestselling book “Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude,” and the author of the upcoming book “The Way of the Inner Contessa: Power, Passion and Abundance for Women.”

Luisa is dedicated to helping women step into their power confidently, break through fears and limitations, and find the courage to say “yes” to their feminine strength, passion, leaderships and grace each and every day. This is the joyful life she calls “La Dolce Vita!”

Gabriella, Michele & Lauren

Gabriella, Michele & Lauren

Intern Team

Gabriella Potievsky, Intern

Gabriella is a recent graduate from Rutgers University with a degree in Public Health and minor in Organizational Leadership. Gabriella’s passions have always included the science of public health and its intersection with the national food industry, a field she plans to achieve great success.

She has been a part of the BBMS team since January 2012 where she assists in coordinating marketing, special events and outreach to local media regarding the company’s new developments. Her working experience with Michele has helped her see the power of alternative methods to conventional medicine and the importance of mental and spiritual well being.

Gabriella is constantly learning on the job, acquiring knowledge about cost effective holistic approaches to leading a healthy lifestyle, while feeding her constant fascination with the health care system. This internship is a great stepping stone for being a change agent of our broken health care system.

Lauren Searles, Intern

Lauren is a senior at Syracuse University, pursuing Public Health and Spanish. She grew up outside of Boston, Massachusetts and has been interning at Beyond Body Mind Spirit (BBMS) since May of 2012.

Some of Lauren’s greatest volunteer accomplishments include years in Syracuse, and a trip to Lima, Peru. She plans to return to Peru to help them acquire basic health essentials. “Seeing the way a great majority of our world lives was a wake-up call for me and immediately inspired me to dedicate myself to helping others live healthier and pursue work in the Public Health field.”

“Living healthy just makes sense to me. I strive to inspire people to maintain a sensible diet, stay active, and think positive. I believe that we choose whether or not we live at our greatest potential.”

“I’m so excited to be a part of BBMS team. I know we will accomplish great things and impact the health of others – individual by individual and in the broad spectrum of healthcare.”

our mission

Our mission is to show you how to “enjoy healthy” …immediately and for the long haul… to be truly healthy
in your Body, Mind and Spirit…with a safety net to catch you and lift you back up when you need it…
365 days a year.

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