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Beyond Body Mind Spirit’s TV Show08 Jul

TVBeyond Body Mind Spirit has a monthly TV show! This July, we walk you through, “Gourmet Fitness with Love” that includes yoga for a healthy body, meditation for a healthy mind, food that nourishes, and Self Care that warms the heart.

Of course, each of the 4 components is hugely beneficial taken separately. Yet our research shows that combining them is as powerful as the atom bomb- exploding boundaries and fear so you can introduce healthy changes into your life.

Catch it Wednesday, July 10th at 7 PM-
- Channel 67on Time Warner
- Channel 85 on RCN
- Channel 36 on Verizon FIOS

Here are 4 great reasons to watch:

1. Experience “Chair Yoga”! These exercises have been proven to increase flexibility, reduce shoulder, neck and lower back pain and boost energy so you can accomplish lots more throughout your day. You can practice these moves anywhere- at your desk, on a couch or even a park bench!

2. Enjoy a meditation that improves your focus and concentration. Connect to your breath to create a powerful oxygen flow to your brain.

3. Learn how you can make a boring salad into one that will get your mind churning and your taste buds yearning without using fattening salad dressing.

4. Last but not least, we invite everyone to participate in our Smile Campaign and guarantee it will build a joyous relationship with the most important person in your life- YOU- along with every other person in your life.

As an extra bonus, it will lead us all closer to World Peace.

CLICK HERE for the recipe and smile campaign…both are FREE and Powerful!

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