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4 Ways to Be a Doctor…in Love19 Mar

(and How to Experience Being a Donut!)
By Michele Risa, M.A.

Yes, being a donut sounds silly…but I believe you’ll find the connection quite valuable, as I did.

4 Nutrition as Healing Medicine
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A gift from Oprah and Deepak09 Jan

I just listened to this audio from Oprah and Deepak about Miraculous Relationships, Miraculous Attraction.
Self Love

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Smiles that last all year07 Jan

As we enter the new year, I’d like to share what lies in my heart and what makes me smile…all year!
Let there be peace.
Let there be love.
And let it begin with us.
New Year Smile

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5 Ways to Avoid the “SAD Winter Blues”06 Nov

Seasonal Affective Disorder a.k.a. SAD or “winter blues” is a very common problem for women and people with a history of depression.

According to research, 6% of the US, primarily in northern climates are affected by SAD and another 14% suffer from “winter blues” a lesser form.

Symptoms include:sad-woman

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From making do- to Thriving04 Nov

Here’s an invitation from a very intuitive healer and friend who has helped me remove old pain from its roots and replace it with tear-jerking belly laughs. Amazing.

Read how she’ll finally help you with MONEY for just $1.00 a day over 21 days.  Watch her video so you can know she’s authentic (link below).

I’ll be joining her.  Look forward to doing it together.
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FREE Drugs…with Love, Mother Nature08 Oct

Yes, you read that right.  You can get FREE drugs- better than those from Big Pharma- straight from your garden IMG_7932or potted plant!  Don’t believe it?  Read on.

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Important Information about Dehydration (& a Summer Job)06 Aug

By John Kernick

By John Kernick

Fact: most of us are dehydrated all day, especially during the summer.  Any dip in hydration causes physical and mental fatigue.

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This Father’s Day Have His Best Interest at Heart11 Jun

I Love DadIs your father stressed like mine? It’s true that stress can motivate him but having techniques to release stress is vital to health. Though most of us don’t think twice about stress, the truth is it has severe consequences.
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18 Day Smile Challenge- when you (& the sun) are at your peak02 Jun

glossy smiley, vectorIf you love the feelings you feel when you’re with your best friend, would you like to feel them 24/7?  We promise that by participating in our 18 Day Smile Challenge you will be taking the first step toward feeling that joyous relationship with YOU!

Here’s what you do:
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Yoga + Horses = ?29 May

Want to include horses in your yoga practice? I recently came back from a uniquely unique 3 day yoga retreat in beautiful Stowe, Vermont at the Stowe Mountain Ranch.

Yoga Retreat, VT May, 2013 058

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