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Win-Win: Benefits for You & Your Employees29 Jul

Beyond Body Mind Spirit produces win-win benefits for corporations throughout the New York City area.
As Founder and CEO of Beyond Body Mind Spirit, Michele Risa, America’s mindfulness expert, has vast experience in the corporate world and knows how to actively engage employees- for a few minutes at corporate health fairs, such as Barclay’s, Intercontinental Hotels, [...]

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City Island- A taste of Countryside in the Bronx28 Jul

I went sailing in what felt like the countryside though was actually off the coast of the Bronx!

Phillip+Me w glasses Read more…

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News Flash: Elucid Magazine Publishes our “Be Your Best You”25 Jul

We are proud to announce that our article, “Be Your Best You” has been published in Elucid Magazine’s Inner Beauty issue featuring Emma Watson. Elucid Magazine Read more…

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How Food Labels Are More Deceptive than You Think23 Jul

We check with many great resources, and Nutrition Action is one of them.


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Eileen Fisher Offers Free, Wonderful Meditation to All21 Jul

“For the past several years I’ve been thinking about the balance between work and home life, between the inner and outer life. I’ve learned that the only way I can be fully present for someone else is if I first take care of myself. I take time every day, even if it’s just a few minutes, to clear my mind-to stop, to stretch, to breathe. It helps me remember what’s important.”
- Eileen Fisher EileenFisherJul2014 Read more…

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Want to feel a world of a difference?18 Jul

Folks at LaGuardia Plaza Hotel felt great in just one minute after working with them at their health fair this week. IMG_1190
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4 Easy Tips to Shatter the Confusion about What You Eat15 Jul

Are you confused about what to eat? Many people are.
We know that sugar is bad for our health, and can cause obesity, diabetes, and inflammation. One simple solution may be to read food labels in order to choose items that don’t have sugar. So when we see dextrose, sucrose, maltodextrin, cane juice, cane crystals, barley [...]

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Doing an internship this summer?10 Jul

BBMS just had an Intern Party for the interns from 2012, ‘13, and myself, intern for summer3 Intern Celeb4Star‘14!

Most summer internships are just that: for the summer. The intern leaves with new skills and possibly a future job reference.

An internship with BBMS is much more than that. Read more…

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TV Show: Simple Habits that Lead to Long-Term Happy07 Jul

Catch our regular TV show this Wednesday, July 9th at 7 PM.10474730_10152301433148768_8607580689565755269_n

It begins with: “The question is not just how long you live, but also how well you live.”

Want to hear some simple habits that can lead you there?

Read more…

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Pulsing to the Tempo of 100 Beats Per Minute30 Jun

The entire city pulses with energy to the tempo of 100 beats per minute!
In fact, every one of us does.  And our heart takes care of it all.
Last week, the American Heart Association (AHA) had it’s Annual Heart Ball to celebrate the lives saved and the lives improved due to knowing CPR.
To help NYC master [...]

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