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Want to feel a world of a difference?18 Jul

Folks at LaGuardia Plaza Hotel felt great in just one minute after working with them at their health fair this week. IMG_1190
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TV Show: Simple Habits that Lead to Long-Term Happy07 Jul

Catch our regular TV show this Wednesday, July 9th at 7 PM.10474730_10152301433148768_8607580689565755269_n

It begins with: “The question is not just how long you live, but also how well you live.”

Want to hear some simple habits that can lead you there?

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How did you celebrate the first day of summer?24 Jun

We, along with over 8,000 others, celebrated the Summer Solstice.IMG_0081_2
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How to be Healthy, Wealthy & Wise- Success09 Jun

Our “How to be Healthy, Wealthy & Wise” workshop at AXA was at capacity attendance. How to be HWW Picture Collage Read more…

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Why You Want to Be Part of the Mindfulness Revolution27 May

IMG_0492An interview with Master DDnard by Michele Risa

Are you in debt and want to become financially free?
Master DDnard found herself widowed at the young age of 27 with an 11 month old baby, and $3 million in debt. Her hardships inspired her to dive into the practice of mindfulness meditation and was able to be debt free in 2 years.

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How to Be Healthy, Wealthy & Wise: Join Us To Eliminate Big Worries From Your Life!21 May

Worried about your health and Healthy, Wealthy & Wisemoney? Having health without money or money without health doesn’t work. Stressed about the future? It’s time to eliminate big worries from your life and achieve the health and money you desire and deserve now.

Join us and ACHIEVE both Read more…

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Happy, Healthy & Wealthy11 May

First, Happy:

HAPPY-BUGSI promise, scouts honor (I was a girl scout) that this is a happy, smile generator AND amazing (I kept hearing myself say, “really?”)
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What do the Seattle Seahawks and Google have in common?15 Apr

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What do the Seattle Seahawks and Google have in common that you can have, too?  Mindfulness that translates into peak performance and success.
Ready for your “super bowl” success? Then tune in to my April 17th spreecast at 4:30 PM ET to learn how to “score”!
I’ll be joined on this spreecast by Michele Risa, who has helped Forbes, Viacom [...]

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TV Show: Why does Self Help NOT Help?10 Mar

Catch our regular TV show this Wednesday, March 12th at 7 PM.

Our topic: With millions of self help books, seminars, workshops and retreats, why are we NOT healthier and happier?  Or, why does self help NOT help?Michele Risa, Luisa Rasiej
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The Epoch Times Publishes “5 Easy Ways to Avoid Winter Blues”01 Mar

NEWS FLASH!  The Epoch Times published my article, “5 Easy Ways to Avoid Winter Blues.”
This winter has been especially challenging for many of us due to severe weather patterns.  But why suffer?  Here are 5 easy, holistic solutions that will give you a lift!
In case you cannot find it in print in your neighborhood, here’s [...]

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