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Summer Solstice + Self Love= Your Recipe for Happiness15 May

LoveThe celebration of the relationship between our sun and planet is around the corner. Let’s emulate how ancient cultures show appreciation for this time by honoring the love within us.

Throughout time, songs have been sung, poems have been composed, and volumes upon volumes have been written about Love.  Without a doubt, love is as critical as air and water.

So this Summer Solstice, Beyond Body Mind Spirit (BBMS) invites you to explore and expand your world of Love into Self Love.   Try this exercise.

Right now close your eyes for a moment. Visualize your body as a gateway opening to release the thoughts and feelings within you.  Now ask yourself, “What does happiness mean to me?”  Take a few moments.  Allow every thought and feeling to be expressed, using whatever device is at hand.

When I tried this exercise, I realized the majority of my responses were about my desire to help the other people in my life. I believe this is an admirable quality.  Perhaps you, like me, were taught,  “do onto others …”  as children.  Yet as I read through my list of answers, I realized what was missing was how I create my own happiness through my actions towards me.

And that’s what BBMS asks you to consider- all the ways to support you, care for you, make wiser decisions for you, have compassion for you, and unconditionally love you.  As my experience suggests, learning how to love yourself requires these quiet moments and a teacher to help you explore what’s inside.

Self Love is just ONE aspect of happiness.  At BBMS, we help you “Enjoy Healthy” in its fullest sense and add yoga, meditation, and nutrition.

Over the next few weeks, I will explore the other 3 aspects with you.

So begin by commenting about your thoughts on happiness to keep this conversation going.  Then infuse your vision of happiness into your Summer Solstice practice and revel in your creation.

“Enjoy Healthy” with results that last a lifetime,
Michele & Annemarie

Michele Risa & Annemarie Bombardieri
Beyond Body Mind Spirit

P.S. Add your comments and let’s blow the roof off our experience of Self Love.

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