Snatam Kaur ~ Liberation's Door (2009)

World-renowned sacred singer Snatam Kaur  recently sang at Oprah’s 58th birthday party as a special surprise and gift arranged by Oprah’s friends. 

It’s no wonder that Oprah’s friends chose Snatam Kaur. Whenever I feel a little down, “Liberation’s Door” lifts my spirits and puts a smile on my face. I strongly recommend her music to all my students. Here’s an awesome experience from one of them.

“For a year and a half I’ve been unemployed. The CD helped me sleep better, quieted my mind and enabled me to stay positive. As a result, I have landed a great job- better than I expected- and at a higher salary than I imagined.” ~ Ramonita S

Snatam Kaur releases Liberation’s Door, an album written and recorded as she experienced the magical creativity of her first pregnancy. This album builds on the fluid, soaring music that Snatam is known for, but raises it to a new level with her maternal energy unleashing a depth of emotion and richness beyond anything we’ve heard from her before. Blending Gurmukhi mantra (the most common script used for writing the Punjabi language) and Shabds (traditional Sikh prayers put to music), Snatam lays her heart and devotion at the feet of the listener.

Also on the CD are GuruGanesha Singh whose guitar and support vocals bring incredible depth and breadth to the music. Manish Vyas joins them on a few of the tracks with his voice like the sweetest of instruments dancing through the music.

Thomas Barquee’s masterful production skills blends cello, flute, tablas, keyboard, sarangi and GuruGanesha’s signature guitar to cradle Snatam’s crystalline voice which will carry your spirit straight to liberation’s door.

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