30 Days MORE Self Care

30 Days MORE II- Celebration SMALLYou’ve attended seminars, read several books, subscribed to positive daily affirmations, and maybe tried a retreat.  Are you READY for a program that puts it all together?

Finally move forward in life and replace your inner critic with inner love.

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365 yoga LIVE


  • Concerned that you’re not doing the yoga poses correctly?
  • Frustrated with your slow progress?
  • Sometimes struggling to keep up?

Our optional 1-on-1 Private Session truly addresses the needs you have now and gives you a taste of the way yoga was originally taught- 1-on-1. Plus, you complement your personal practice by joining Michele live everyday for your wake-up, shake-up 365 Yoga LIVE Course- a monthly 30-day Kundalini Yoga program.

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manage stress & challenges

Liberty, Statue of LibertyToday, we are in the middle of a perfect storm of stress and challenges in the world.  With an economic environment unparalleled in decades, record high unemployment, massive consumer credit card debt, sky high foreclosure rates, far too many people with too little savings or retirement funds, obesity, and health concerns growing, and on-going wars.

It’s no wonder you’re stressed out!

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michele’s anti-aging secrets

What makes Michele’s anti-aging different from others?

Happy Aging ManAlthough it’s a combination of many things, here are three critical secrets:

1. You don’t go on a diet
2. You exercise your mind
3. You stay on track (really)

Michele will help you get that beam back in your smile and that spring in your step, plus with all these benefits, help you feel sexy again!

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gourmet fitness –  weight loss without the struggle

Michele w Tasty Easy Recipe

  • Make every meal delicious, instead of a never-ending guilt trip.
  • Eat calories that give you energy, not fat and potential health problems.
  • Feed your body steady nourishment and eliminate sugar highs and lows.
  • Make sense of all the food research and know what’s best specifically for you.

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