Finally Move Forward in Life & Replace Your Inner Critic with Inner Love

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You’ve attended seminars, read several books, subscribed to positive daily affirmations, and maybe tried a retreat.  Are you READY for a program that puts it all together?

That may sound like a no brainer.  And we agree.  We need ALL the pieces to the puzzle to enjoy success.  Because, as a teacher once reminded me, “you can’t be half pregAll Puzzle Piecesnant and give birth!”

We also know that having ALL the pieces isn’t enough. From the hundreds of clients we’ve helped, you need time to practice applying it to your life to see what works and what doesn’t.  You need to become more adapt at using the many tools necessary to create a new life and receive accurate feedback and guidance versus the Inner Critic that “crashes and burns” your progress with negativity.

The way you expressed how I can change my reality — a phrase I’ve heard hundreds of times before and thought I understood it — truly resonated with me. It’s very real to me now. Thank you. Thank you. Today’s conversation was a life-changer. I still can’t believe (but I do) how generous you are with your time and caring. ~Sheri Robbins, New York

Past and Future - Two-Way Street SignSo for you to move forward in life, without fears or insecurities, you need to silence your Inner Critic. Your Inner Critic that feeds off all those negative stories running through your head from your childhood, emotional wounds, and painful memories. Your Inner Critic that runs a silent tape in your subconscious and greatly affects your thoughts, emotions, and actions, and how you perceive life.

To free you from your old tapes, we help you identify and transform energy.  Included is guidance from Luisa Rasiej, a master healer, who has been helping people for over two decades open and heal the past in order to be free to manifest a more meaningful, fulfilling new life.

You’ve also sought love. But as illustrated across our country by a high divorce rate, especially in second marriages which is close to 80%, prescription social drug use and alcohol, most of us are experiencing emptiness and pain.

Yet love has been a universal, basic need for every human being since time immemorial. It is as vital to our well being as is air, water, and food.

Authentic LoveSo what’s wrong? Our traditional definition of love is conditional,  meaning, we only give love when we like someone’s behavior and deny it when we don’t. And that’s painful- whether denied love by someone else or denied love from ourselves.

Our program will investigate why that never works and instead introduce you to the most satisfying, long lasting, authentic love ever.

What also holds people back from their full potential and achieving their dreams is simply a lack of intense, dedicated and committed focus. It’s only when you give something your all and attack with laser beam, unwavering precision, the “impossible” becomes reality.

But if you’re like me, too often you start out strong only for your excitement to fizzle as it’s taken over by doubt, fear and the old negative habits of the Inner Critic.

So it’s time.  It’s time to be great.  We are all called to greatness. To be a hero of some capacity. Whether your hero role is big or small, it is yours to discover, to Herofulfill and to enjoy.

That’s what’s here for you.

We’ve created three 30 Days MORE Self Care programs so you can build a strong foundation and have results that last.

Included in our first 30 Days MORE Self Care:

  • Yoga and Affirmations to raise your vibration with movement and sound.
  • Breath and Meditation to deepen your connection to the reservoir of healing energy buried inside your core.
  • Reflexology to promote healing touch.
  • To maintain your progress and celebrate your accomplishments, meet face to face (if in the NYC area) or via Skype.
  • For easy access, meet via Tele-Seminar.
  • Recordings of each session are available to listen to whenever you wish, as often as you wish.
  • Maintain a Daily Practice to build a strong foundation.
  • To keep on track, have on-going email support.
30 Day Program Celebration

Graduates CelebratinTo stay on track,

In summary, you’ll begin a regenerating effect that spreads a healing reaction throughout your body, mind and spirit.

Your first step to initiate your awesome healing transformation is to accept the possibility that you were born with the all-natural god given power to heal.  Once this idea is accepted, you will officially begin the journey of healing.

Here’s what a graduate of our program said:

It is a terrific program that offered a lot more than its cost.  Plus there was 24/7 support through email.

This program actually helped me forgive myself for all my regrets, move forward in life, be happy and positive, be confident with myself, IMPROVED my relationships with friends, family and coworkers, helped get rid of my stress and improved my overall health.

Michele is wonderful and understanding. She has a lot to offer and tweaks the program to each individual’s life.  ~ Gabriella Potievsky, New Jersey

Are you ready?

We begin October 10th and continue for the next 30 days.
Dates: October 10 -November 7 with Face to Face Meetings on October 10, 24, and November 7; Tele-Seminar on October 17 and 31.
Time: 6-7:30 PM
Location: 10 Park Avenue, corner of Park and 34th Street
Price: $165 (or if you prefer, just 4 weekly payments of $45)

Space is limited to only 11 people.

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I can be reached at 212 889-4986 or Let’s talk today and make miracles happen!

P.S. People tell me that their main obstacle to their own self-improvement isn’t knowing what they need to do. They already know what to do and often how to do it. The real problem they have are the difficulties in getting started and finishing. Here’s the solution.  Let’s talk: 212 889-4986.

P.P.S. Feel free to pass this on to anyone ready to be great! Bring them and celebrate with a discount for two.

Note: If you want more information about all three 30 Days MORE Self Care, please email me at MRisa@BeyondBodyMindSpirit or call at 212 889-4986.