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Today, we are in the middle of a perfect storm of stress and challenges in the world.  With an economic environment unparalleled in decades, record high unemployment, massive consumer credit card debt, sky high foreclosure rates, far too many people with too little savings or retirement funds, obesity and health concerns growing, and on-going wars.

It’s no wonder you’re stressed out!

How would you like to use these same circumstances to change and produce results? Without a doubt, your greatest asset in life and your number one ticket to personal and economic freedom stems from your ability to produce results. We’ll show you how.

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New Job, More Money, Happier Carl

Carl joined our class to lose weight and get healthier.  He also dreamed of getting a new job with higher pay. But we’re in a recession and he was holding tight to his job for fear of losing it, never mind looking for a better one.  Besides, he was responsible to his family and ensured their needs were met before he considered addressing his.  Through our Manage Stress & Challenges Program, we helped him see how the very obstacles he identified as preventing him from getting the job was exactly what he used to land it.  And his practice of Self Care sent “miraculous” (his word) ripples into so many parts of his life.  The result?  New job, more money, happier Carl.

The Self Care Revolution

Buddha, relaxationSelf Care is what’s missing from our health care system.  It’s not waiting until we get ill or “things fall apart” and then rely on doctors and pharmaceuticals to pick up the expensive pieces. Self Care is doing small things every day that add up to big things.

Self Care is not only strengthening the body but maintaining a sharp, focused mind.  According to Abraham as shared by Esther and Jerry Hicks, “All things happen in your experience come because of the requests that you are sending out with your thoughts.”  Hard to believe?  Practice with us and see the difference.

Self Care  is also connecting to spirit, a universal force.  Deepening this connection requires stepping into the unknown and the invisible so you are no longer limited by what you see from the past, but newly create the present.

This is The Self Care Revolution.  And the least expensive and most powerful way to stay healthy.

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Stress Causes Disease

The American Medical Association (AMA) estimates that anywhere from 70-90% of disease is caused in some part by stress.  That’s a big number and we’ll help you lower it.

Here’s our Manage Stress & Challenges formula that we guarantee:

  1. Engage in Movement that releases stress from the top of your head to the tip of your toes and increases your levels of norepinephrine, a chemical that helps the brain deal with stress more efficiently.
  2. Deepen Your Relaxation through mastery of breath. There are 100s of approaches.  We’ll help you choose those that benefit you most.
  3. Spot Good Mood Foods that contain body boosting nutrients and help soothe stressed out nerves, adrenals, digestive organs, immune system and brain cells.
  4. Strike a Balance. Research shows that both ends of the anger continuum- unchecked ire and self-silencing- can damage your health, contributing to a range of health conditions, as well as undermine your ability to successfully solve problems and meet daily challenges.  Learn how to strike a more balanced approach that’s most effective for you.
  5. Get Snooze News. Not getting enough sleep can stimulate a stress response and cause irritability as well as spell trouble for your heart, elevate your blood pressure and increase the risk for diabetes and obesity.  Get our Snooze News and enjoy a deep, rejuvenating sleep like that of a baby.

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Executive Health

Our initial launch of this program was conducted at the New York Stock Exchange in 2008. Their goal was to improve the quality of life at the company and thereby increase job satisfaction, engagement, and productivity which in turn would have a positive effect on the company’s stock price.  Though we can’t take credit for the change in their stock price, we can attest to “accolades from employees, managers and peers who praised the work, the results, and its benefits,” as reported by the Senior Vice President at NYSE.

We’ve also conducted seminars at Viacom, Forbes, Boeing, FDIC, The Hartford, United HealthCare, Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, University of Pennsylvania, Adkins Nutritional, Staples, and Ann Taylor.  Think of what we can do for you or your company!

Manage Stress- Executive healthIn summary, our Manage Stress & Challenges program is designed to help you sever the heavy burden of stress, and build a strong foundation of skills that enable you to manage and ultimately rise above life’s stress and challenges.

We’re also active at corporate health fairs, such as Reuters, Mitsubishi, Intercontinental Barclay Hotel, United Way and Girl Scouts.  If you’d like to see us in action and take a free “test drive”, invite us to your next health fair!

Are you and your company ready to enjoy more success  now and your future?

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Manage Stress & Challenges – Results with Peace Program

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  • Downloadable Handbook with movements, recipes and mind exercises ($159 value)
  • Recordings of Each Session to replay often and shift from “knowing” to “applying” the insights gained to your life. ($49 value)
  • Limitless Email Support to get any and all emerging issues addressed quickly. (priceless!)
  • Membership to our 365 Online Yoga Course to clear out accumulated stress, maintain your balance,  regain perspective and re-establish calm. (priceless!)

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