Everybody has a “Someday”:

Someday I’ll lose the weight I’ve been struggling with.
Someday I’ll have lots of energy to accomplish my goals.
Someday I’ll improve memory and concentration to function at top efficiency.
Someday I’ll walk down the street with a smile on my face and a spring in my step.
Someday I’ll look sexy in the clothes I once wore.
Someday I’ll feel young and live long.

Happy Aging Man

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Sound like you?

Well, someday has ARRIVED!  Today is the day you’ve been dreaming about.  And it’s not too late to turn your dreams into reality.

Most of the myths around aging are just that- myths!

I’m Michele Risa, a certified yoga teacher and renowned author, and I can say those words because I’m living proof that you can grow older without feeling old!  I’ve busted through the myths of aging.   In fact, I’m often complemented on how I look- “You don’t look your age.”  “I can’t believe how strong you are.”  “You bought that dress to celebrate Gabrielle’s birthday 27 years ago and I can’t believe it still fits.”  (Actually, I weigh the same as I did in high school.)

That’s why I’m launching Michele’s Anti-Aging Secrets. I want anyone who is ready to get off the diet yo-yo and begin enjoying increased energy while being free of aches and pains.  Through this program, I will share my personally successful anti-aging strategies and secrets that are not short lived but will ensure your success for the long-term- the true marker of success.

I’ll help you get that beam back in your smile and that spring in your step, plus with all these benefits, help you feel sexy again!

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anti aging foodWhat makes my approach to anti-aging different from others?

Although it’s a combination of many things, here are three critical secrets:

  1. You DON’T GO ON A DIET. Yes, that’s right, NO DIET.  Because dieting doesn’t work.  Sure, you lose weight in the short term, but after you go off the diet, you regain the weight back and often even more.  Why does that happen?  One reason is diets make you feel deprived, creating an unsustainable behavior.  Depriving your body shocks it into losing weight, but once it gets over that shock, it adapts.  How?  By slowing down your metabolism, going into unhealthy physical states (such as ketosis), or stopping weight loss. So even if you have the mental will power to diet forever, your body doesn’t.
    On Michele’s Anti-Aging Secrets Program, you’ll lose excess pounds, develop a new relationship to food, and maintain a healthy weight for a lifetime, not just for swimsuit season.
  2. YOU EXERCISE YOUR MIND. My program focuses on improving memory and concentration.  Research has shown early prevention will help the mind function with better efficiency and greatly delay or reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s.  It is very important to start exercising your mind early because the impact of Alzheimer’s will increase and burden loved ones as more baby boomers turn 65 years of age (at a rate of 8000 per day, according to a recent article by AARP).   This is not just a concern for seniors but critical for every adult.
  3. YOU STAY ON TRACK and have a safety net to lift you back up when you need it,  365 days a year to ensure your long term success.  Why?  Because most of us start a new behavior with the emotional power and conviction that carries us just so far until the old doubts, negative beliefs and frustrations return.
    On Michele’s Anti-Aging Secrets Program, missteps are leveraged to get you back on track quickly and confidently…any time you need it, 365 days a year.  Without this, most people fail.  And yet we know of no other program that offers you this critical on-going support.

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Here’s the formula that we guarantee:

  • weight loss helpUse Simple, Powerful Movements to get your metabolism moving, blood flowing, and oxygen to every cell.  And you actually have fun!
  • Eat Often, (yes often) smaller portions of only good tasting, easy to make (or buy) natural food that nourishes all your organs- from each neuron in your brain to every pore in your skin.  The recipes  have you wondering why you didn’t start eating this way years ago!
  • Master Your Mind to shift old sabotaging habits into actualizations of your heart’s desire, limitless possibilities, and the ultimate freedom. Our meditations, unlike the stereotypical perceptions of meditation, are dynamic and engage the mind, so results are accomplished more quickly.
  • The Power of Breath offers 100’s of benefits.  Two important ones include deeper, rejuvenating sleep, and oxygenating your skin- both from the inside and the outside.
  • Enjoy 365 Days a Year of Support to keep you on track and lift you up higher.

Each day offers you an opportunity to advance or retreat in the pursuit of your goals. 

Take Action and create the life you’ve always imagined.

Michele’s Anti Aging Secrets – Fast Track Program

  • Four 60 Minute One on One, Customized Sessions
    Successful Women

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    that are tailored to your needs, provide you with a plan that’s at an optimal pace to ensure your progress and achieve your goals.  Conducted either face to face if in the New York area or via Skype ($988 value)

  • Four 15 Minute One on One Q & A Calls to address any new challenges, tweak your plan to  make appropriate, timely adjustments, and maintain your momentum and progress. ($247 value)
  • Downloadable Handbook with movements, recipes and mind exercises ($159 value)
  • Recordings of Each Session to replay often and shift from “knowing” to “applying” the insights gained to your life. ($49 value)
  • Limitless Email Support to get any and all emerging issues addressed quickly. (priceless!)
  • Free Membership to our 365 Online Yoga Course to receive a daily push and benefit from a supportive community, any day, every day and from anywhere.  (priceless!)

Take Your First Step Today with your Free Initial Consultation to uncover hidden issues that may be sabotaging your efforts to stay young, create a crystal clear vision for the ideal life you’ll be living  in your new, slim, sexy, hi-energy body, and feel renewed, inspired and READY to finally have the beam back in your smile and the spring in your step.
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If you’ve read this far, you “know” you can do anything at any age. HERE’S A VIDEO, based on a true story, of 5 men who prove that.