Manhattan Holistic Chamber of Commerce President Michele Risa

Seeing the Bigger Picture- Part II

We began last week, April 14, 2010 with Part I- Seeing the Bigger Picture with the Inner Eye. Let’s continue with Part II.

Third EyeOnly you alone can take the journey within. You can receive help but the steps and discovery are yours to make. In fact, you have tremendous amounts of help available to you.  Just ask within for what you next wish to learn, (R)evolutionScape suggests, and guaranteed, you will bump into just the right person or resource that gives you what you needed to know.

The way to access inner wisdom is to stay present in the moment of Now.  The more you shut down your mental noise (which is always going on about yesterday and tomorrow), the more you can access inner wisdom. Inner wisdom is always speaking to you at all times. You simply do not hear it when you let your mind analyze everything to the nth degree, and worry all day about what has past and what is next. Be present, be aware! Wake up! And definitely open your mind to receiving insights from places you normally are not used to, such as dreams, intuition, and other symbols.

Inner wisdom does not go with proof. If you are like one of those scientists who always want evidence first before they move, you will not get too far with this chakra. Inner wisdom brings to you the new, the next, and not the past. And it brings to you wisdom of a dimension beyond this one, one which is not measurable with our normal scientific tools, not perceivable by our five physical senses.

Now, as you change your sense of truth, your life will change. Things created by your old truths will either transform or drop off and new ones will arise. This may be a confusing period but don’t worry. Just let go and keep your course. It is a very natural and normal thing to happen. It may also feel as if you have left an old way of living which you no longer wish to live by, but you haven’t found your new way. You may feel as if you are in limbo for a while. This is perfectly normal and will come to pass. Most people progress from thinking they know (the old path), to realizing that they do not know (limbo), to knowing they know (the new path).

The journey to your inner self is an infinite journey, for you are an infinite being. You can never reach the end for there is no end. You can only grow stronger, wiser, and more powerful. At each point you find a new intriguing mystery to explore. So don’t bother trying to find out everything. You have the whole of eternity to do that. Remember that you are also in this world so don’t forget that you have to remain grounded and balanced as well. The ultimate state to be in is that of being in this world but not of it. Feet on the ground head in the skies, so to speak. In closing, (R)evolutionScape reminds us, keep it light, take it easy, and enjoy yourself.

It is called enlightenment, not enheavyment!

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