gourmet fitness catering

corn-avocado-salsa (2)When quick recipes are not quick enough and take-out leaves out the health benefits you want and deserve, Gourmet Fitness Catering helps you accomplish both.

corporate events:

This is a way to help people increase nutrition and strengthen their immune system which translates into decreased sick days and lower health care costs while at the same time giving back to employees by helping them have more energy and reduced aches and pains.

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one on one health consulting

calendar-256This one-on-one session provides an accelerated plan to your Complete Wellness- Body, Mind and Spirit.

We will tailor a program that addresses your personal goals, health history, and current state of being. And throughout the process, you will receive timely feedback that helps you discover the insights necessary to ensure steady progress.

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free virtual spa

  • Need a few minutes of rest, relaxation, and inspiration?
  • Feeling stressed out and not making the best decisions?
  • Don’t have time to travel to your gym or spa?

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