• Need a few minutes of rest, relaxation and inspiration?
  • Feeling stressed out and not making the best decisions?
  • Don’t have time to travel to your gym or spa?

Here’s a video that we think you’ll find to be all of the above and just a click away.

Calm Amid the Chaos

Now, ready to hit your own “refresh” button?

Before you leave here, close your eyes, and tap your index finger on your third eye point- which is right above your nose and between your eyebrows. Ahhh!

Thanks to Beth Nielson Chapman and Gary Nicholson for permission to use “Choose Love” from the CD, Prism.
And now a uplifting, energy raising “American Feel Better Minute”

American Feel Better Minute
Want to take a step beyond your limitations and heal at a deep level? Try this great breathing experience:

Virtual Spa Audio