$67 for a Private 1-On-1 Session AND
30 Days of FREE Yoga and Meditation Classes

(valued at $330)

– Concerned that you’re not doing the yoga poses correctly? Find the breathing confusing? Frustrated with your slow progress?

– Seek help with weight loss, stress, insomnia, back and neck pain, and not having enough energy?

– Want to address your personal goals, nutritional needs, professional desires, relationships, communication, healing, and your dreams?

Our Private 1-on-1 Session truly addresses the needs you have, helps you get where you want to go, and gives you a taste of the way yoga was originally taught- 1-on-1.

Plus, you complement your personal practice by joining Michele LIVE everyday for your wake-up, shake-up FREE 365 Yoga LIVE Course- a monthly 30-day Kundalini Yoga program.  Even if you’re working long hours, a recording of the class is available to you 24/7.

“365 Yoga LIVE”

…from feeling “stuck” to self love

I have suffered from bulimia for 6 years, during which I juggled and switched through different therapists and treatment options. I continued to feel “stuck” as the approaches focused on the past and why I acquired my disease. Michele’s plan of remaining present- right here, right now- in addition to helping me choose love for myself- has allowed me to grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Michele is a true gift from God.

– Michele Messina, New Jersey

…whoopin’ and hollerin’

365 Yoga LIVE energizes me. I feel every cell tingling as we go through the class. If I begin the class feeling a bit ‘off’ (constipated, stuffy nose, dull aches and pains), I feel a ‘shift’ mid-way and release the ‘garbage.’  …Michele makes it so easy…you can join in from anywhere…I live in Iowa!  She is a master at describing the positions and makes it all do-able no matter what ‘shape’ you are in.  We do a little celebration at the end of each class with some whoopin’ and hollerin’!! Michele makes it fun!

– Nancy Saar, Iowa

…powerful, courageous, and spiritual

365 Yoga LIVE always reminds me of the woman I truly am…powerful, courageous, and spiritual. I’ve learned to trust in my ability to overcome any challenges and see these obstacles as opportunities for growth. 365 Yoga LIVE has become an integral part of my life.

– Carol Sterling, New York

…a brilliant way to start my day

This is a brilliant way to start my day, a great way to wake up and get energized.  Michele is a great teacher and listener.

– Philip Swanton, New York

Your Special $67 Offer:

– Private 1-on-1 60-minute Session to address any area of your life you’d like to enhance.

– FREE 365 Yoga LIVE to have easy access to daily classes 24/7.

– In summary, have your questions answered, gain insight, and accelerate your progress!

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