This Father’s Day Have His Best Interest at Heart

I Love DadIs your father stressed like mine? It’s true that stress can motivate him but having techniques to release stress is vital to health. Though most of us don’t think twice about stress, the truth is it has severe consequences.

Everyday many of us feel aches and pains, digestives problems, anxiety, moodiness even depression.

Maybe your father struggles with finding an antidote, like mine. He suffered from the symptoms listed above and released his stress in ineffective ways. Fortunately my father recently developed one way to de-stress by composing poems to tell stories of his hardship.

When someone you love and appreciate so much struggles daily, helping them to de-stress themselves is a great gift. While interning at Beyond Body Mind Spirit (BBMS) I was taught a successful formula for health, happiness and a stress-free life: fitness, nutrition, self love and meditation.

Here are tips for each:

  • Fitness: Sit at your desk and place your hands on your thighs.  As you inhale, stretch the spine forward and bring your shoulder blades together in the back.  As you exhale, push your lower back backwards and allow the shoulders to come forward.  Continue for 1 minute
  • Nutrition: Great de-stressors are bananas, salmon, broccoli, and whole grains.
  • Self Love: We actually just launched an 18 Day Smile Challenge that keeps warm, loving feelings throughout the day!
  • Meditation: Help him relax with our 3-Minute “Relaxation for Anyone, Anywhere” as a Father’s Day gift – from us. If he’s new to yoga, treat him to the “Beginners Yoga” video or if he’s more advanced try the “Shape Up” Video as a gift from you!

So grab the first video for free and gift him the second video. It’s like getting two-for-one! Plus it’ll last a lifetime. Father’s Day is just around the corner. Hurry, the offer expires Sunday, June 16th!

By: Annemarie Bombardieri
Intern at Beyond Body Mind SpiritI Love Dad

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