TV Show to stop “SAD Winter Blues”11 Nov

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Do you or anyone you know suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder a.k.a. SAD or “winter blues” ?

It is a very common problem for women and people with a history of depression.

According to research, 6% of the US, primarily in northern climates are affected by SAD and another 14% suffer from “winter blues” a lesser form.sad-woman

Symptoms include:

  • slowing down
  • having a hard time waking up in the morning
  • decreased energy levels
  • eating more than usual which can lead to weight gain
  • sleeping more
  • less able to concentrate
  • withdrawing from friends and family causing work and relationships to suffer

But why suffer?  Tune in to our TV show and get 5 easy holistic solutions!

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P.S. If you’d like more suggestions (including how to reduce the affects of toxic relationships), email  You’ll begin to say goodbye to depression and hello to Ho, Ho, Ho!

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