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Watermelon and Onions

Watermelon and Onions.  Sounds weird, right? I think so, too. But I’m not suggesting they be eaten together.

I do suggest, however,  watermelon and black pepper.  (I first tried it at Summer Solstice.)  It not only creates a surprising sweet taste but offers a powerful digestive benefit. (And you know I’m all for that.)

Onions?  They not only add flavor to food, but have antibacterial and antifungal properties.  But here’s a metaphoric look at how peeling an onion can offer insights into self development.


There’s so much to be said for watermelon’s cooling effects. On hot summer days, the water it stores, along with its natural sugars, provide hydration to the body. Besides that, watermelon is a complete food, loaded with a lot more than water: minerals, vitamins, amino acids, lipids and fatty acids, too. You can even roast the seeds for a crunchy protein-rich treat. It’s such a complete food, there are even summer mono-diet fasts that use watermelon as the only meal!

When enjoying your sweet, delicious melon this summer, observe the old adage, “Eat it alone or leave it alone.” Melons break down in the digestive system very rapidly and if eaten along with other foods can create an uncomfortable bloating. There is a trick to help allay these potentially gaseous effects. Sprinkle your slice with black pepper before eating. The pepper’s heat actually makes the melon sweeter. Try it. You just might like it.


onions 3Onions

Besides the delicious taste and the numerous health benefits of onions, these root vegetables also express their potency in a metaphoric sense. This is why the ancient yogis likened the process of self-development to that of peeling an onion.

Think of it: at the center of an onion is a pod with two little nodes that look like the two hemispheres of the brain. Surrounding and connecting this binary form is the rest of the onion, which issues from the center concentrically, like the ripples on a pond when a stone is tossed in. These are like the waves of thought generated in the brain. They surround you in their power and fragrance. By peeling past these thoughts — and the potency of their emotional charges — you not only begin to understand your mind’s workings, you’ll realize where they take you. You will release old concepts and open yourself to new perceptions.

Like chopping an onion, cutting through the mind’s karma can make you cry. But this ingredient is essential to making your life’s meal both nutritious and delicious.


One Response to Watermelon and Onions

  • Hi Michele.

    Thanks for the intriguing post that has me ready to run to the store and buy some watermelon, something I only eat sporadically. I appreciate learning of all the nutrients and that the seeds are edible.

    I also found your discussion of the onion in relation to self-development. A few years ago, in the process of deciding to photographically document the daily stripping away of a red onion. I wrote out the whole story of the background a few minutes ago and it disappeared before being submitted. So suffice it to say right now that a complimentary copy of “THE RED ONION STORY: Peeling Away the Layers of an Onion, Analogous to Peeling Away the Layers of Ourselves” is available at Although, in the past, I had not particularly noticed that onions have 2 nodes, as you pointed out, the one in the story wound up having several by the time I got to then end.

    Over the past few years I have sporadically photographed other red and vidalia onions, plus their sprouts. Some really fun and beautiful imagery. They can be easily found by doing a SEARCH for “onion” on my blog –

    Thanks for the healthy information and for the memories.



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