What do the Seattle Seahawks and Google have in common?

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What do the Seattle Seahawks and Google have in common that you can have, too?  Mindfulness that translates into peak performance and success.
Ready for your “super bowl” success? Then tune in to my April 17th spreecast at 4:30 PM ET to learn how to “score”!

I’ll be joined on this spreecast by Michele Risa, who has helped Forbes, Viacom and The New York Stock Exchange learn how to use mindfulness to feel great, be sharp, and surpass goals with flying colors.

Imagine replacing old sabotaging habits with the power of mindfulness that enables you to soar.

Imagine replacing searching with finding.

That is exactly what my guest Michele Risa will be sharing with me during this spreecast.

Michele often shares a quote by her teacher, a master of Kundalini Yoga: “Master your mind and you master your life.”

Tune in to:
·      Identify what prevents desired outcomes

·      How to dis-cover, re-cover and uncover your full power

·      What simple steps you can implement immediately to create your own “Super Bowl” win.

To join us, just tune in from your computer Thursday, April 17th at 4:30 PM Eastern, right here:http://www.spreecast.com/events/winning-the-superbowl-called-life

The show is live so come with your questions, experience a mindfulness training and sample thesecret advantage enjoyed by top executives, top athletes and entertainers.

Here to help YOU!

P.S. Not only will you experience a powerful mindfulness training, but Michele promises an incredible gift that she guarantees for the rest of your life…available to all serious viewers.

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