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Why Stress Makes Us Fat

Stress is often to blame for weight gain. But it’s not the emotional eating that’s the only problem. Stress actually ignites a series of responses in the body that makes us fat.  Here’s how.

Why Stress Makes Us Fat

According to Jorge Cruise, when you feel stressed, you actually trigger your fight-or-flight response. Your body then releases a number of stress hormones, notably cortisol. These hormones are designed to help you better handle your stressor by speeding up your heart rate, dilating your blood vessels and shunting blood away from your digestive track so it can go where you need it: your muscles.

Your liver also makes fuel in the form of sugar (from stored glycogen), so you have enough energy to “fight” or “flee” the stressor.  However, today’s stressors aren’t dinosaurs or club-wielding cavemen – they’re more intangible, such as meeting work deadlines and paying speeding tickets. Your body doesn’t use the sugar your liver produces because you didn’t actually fight or flee. But your liver doesn’t know that and continues to trigger your brain to make you feel hungry.

The extra calories you end up eating – all in response to that stress – get stored in fat cells. If you chronically trigger your fight-or-flight response, your body will try to store up as much fat as possible, and you’ll gain unnecessary weight.

Do you feel stuck in this stress-response cycle?  Then here are two suggestions:

1)        Calm Amid the Chaos Video– Watch this inspiring video to help your mind refocus and make better decisions to the challenges confronting you.

2)       365 Yoga LIVE– Start your day with an injection of high energy and a clear vision.  Join our class that meets 4 times a week at 7 AM with easy access from your home.  Try it for 14 days free.  What have you got to loose?  Nothing but finally getting off the stress-cycle!

“Enjoy Healthy” with results that last a lifetime,

P.S. Know anyone in the stress rut?  Forward this to them.  They’ll thank you.

Michele Risa
BEYOND body mind spirit NYC

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