What’s Beyond Body Mind Spirit About?

We’re about you enjoying as much energy as you want, being pain-free, having a strong, focused mind, taking back control of your life from doctors and medications, creating what lies in your heart, and making the difference you’re here to make to leave the legacy you’ll be proud of.

We’re about making the first step EASY, accessible, and affordable, while providing on-going daily support to ensure the results LAST.

This is so important, that I want to say this another way.  Our health care costs are too high- in dollars and aches, pain, and lost quality of life.  So we’ve made the first step a “no brainer,” a “no excuse zone” and as EASY and accessible as brushing your teeth- just a click away.  And because I feel so frustrated each time I return home from a training or seminar and am not able to sustain it in my life, you’ll get on-going daily support so you’ll stay on track.

We’re about a video library of short, easy solutions to any and all problems.  Coming soon.

We’re about our LIVE, online streaming dial-UP Yoga class, where the body systems are thoroughly worked, glands and organs are revitalized, muscles are stretched and made strong, the spine and all the bones aligned, and the nervous system restored.  This means you stay healthy, are strong and flexible, and calmer.

PLUS we’re about exercising the mind which is as important as exercising the body.  And we do it through meditation.  Research has verified what the yogis of old knew: meditation stills the mind, creates new neural pathways, and enables us to better handle stress.  This is good news, given the American Medical Association attributes the affects of stress to 75-80% of all disease.

Also, we’re about using this tool to reduce the devastating affects of Alzheimer’s before the symptoms develop.  (Being proactive is what the latest research suggests.)

We’re about helping you take your goals, starting with your New Year’s Resolutions, and see how to actualize them in your life.  For a customized plan, we offer one on one private sessions to accelerate your progress. It is only by becoming a master of the mind, that we humans can be creators and manifest the desires within our heart.

And last but not least, we’re about doing this together.  We are inextricably connected and affect each other (think the world economy, climate change, and health care costs).

Besides, together, it’s much easier and a lot more fun.  And we’re about that, too.